It’s snowing her already. It’s 5:45 AM and Shubi had me up twice in the night. I’m supposed to go skiing this morning before it gets too bad out there, but we will just have to see what Hubby says when he gets up in about an hour.
I want to go skiing, but I hate to leave Shubi if she isn’t feeling well.
Procrastination is my middle name!

3 thoughts on “Snow”

  1. Hi Mom, You and Jack be careful if you head out today. The roads were bad on my ride to MA…. It is beautiful out, though. Also love the purple sweater you picked out–it is very nice!

    So, what did you think of the Apprentice last night? For the first time, I was more impressed with Rebecca than with Randall…. I thought it was very poor planning on his part not to anticipate rain, and I felt badly for Rebecca that her celebrity cancelled–that was not her poor planning, just a bad roadblock thrown in her way. It will be interesting to see the finale next week! Hope you have a good day and be safe and warm in the snow!!

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