Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen Peaches

Thirteen things I did today!

  1. I went back to Weight Watchers. Don’t ask, don’t tell right now.
  2. I went shopping for doggy biscuits and found the little ones the beasts love.
  3. Talked to my sister a few times as we both were missing Mom and our talks with her.
  4. After a discussion about what to do with Mom’s china, we came up with the best idea.
  5. Her china pattern has a soft pink rose in the center of the plate. It’s a gorgeous pattern.
  6. The dishes will go to Savannah Rose when she gets married. I’ll hold on to them until then.
  7. I had a ton of tomatoes from our garden and since I have already made spaghetti sauce (a ton) I decided to make chili.
  8. I made eleven meals worth! It’s now in the deep freeze for the winter.
  9. Despite the fact that we have no oven, we had meatloaf for dinner.
  10. It was a mini meatloaf that I cooked in the toaster-oven.
  11. Hubby has been picking fruit left and right. Plums and peaches and the first apples of the season!
  12. Looks like I will get my hearts desire and have a cookout this weekend.
  13. Just simple cookout fare. Hamburgers, hot-dogs and chicken. Cooked on the grill and served up with salads and my very own pickles!

10 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Sounds wonderful. I am working 4 nights straight – will think of you slumbering and partying as I work. (Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues) Then off for a nice stretch. Was able to spend some time yesterday with all 3 grands – took them to their request for dinner – Golden Corral. The kids enjoyed it and I enjoy the pot roast there – for the proverbial cliche – a good time was had by all. Hope your weekend festivities are great. Love you

  2. your ton of tomatoes is nearly literal!

    I kept a necklace for our niece from her great-grandma. how to tell when she’s old enough to get it. maybe marriage.

  3. I look forward to the first apples of the season every year. They have to be my favorite fruit. We just had the Peachfest in my neck of the woods. Peach cobbler… drool.

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