I went out on Monday and was actually able to get a great shopping done. I needed to stock up on so much, and I had a ton of coupons. I actually saved just under $20.00 with them!

We also stopped for lunch at our little Chinese Buffet, and as I was getting some food I looked up and there was my doctor. I am actually due to go see him this week. We chatted a moment and then I wished him a good day.

A friend of mine many years ago, was a doctor, and he could hardly go out to get groceries without the little old ladies bugging him. So I have always backed off when seeing my doctors in restaurants.

Meanwhile, in the grocery store I met a man stocking the cheese shelves. He was having a tough day and I smiled and said, “Oh I so understand. I did this job for quite a while myself”. The man smiled and asked me where I had worked?

“Alexander’s Supermarket in Merrimack, New Hampshire.”

“Oh, said the man, I remember that place. My Mom took me there all the time when I was a kid before it closed”.

Yes, I now feel very old. This man looked about my age, but was obviously not.

We came home and put all those groceries away. Wow, were there so many! It felt good though. I have the house full of good foods, and as of Wednesday, it is back to Weight Watchers for me.

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  1. So glad you are feeling some better. Now to get all better and feeling tip top again.
    Sad about Shirley Temple, all those years we watched the movies on TV on a Sunday afternoon. Love YOU, Mel

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