And So It Begins

I started the process of looking for a good breeder to get a White German Shepherd from. Even though we have three dachshunds, our house is amazingly empty without Fritz. It wasn’t that he was demanding, in fact Greta and Anneliese are the ones who are demanding. No, Fritz had a big heart, a spirit so large that it filled our lives quietly.

So, I’ve discovered two breeders that actually have sites written by people they have scammed and cheated. Darn. One of the sites actually had the cutest puppy on it. But there is a Facebook page and a blog all about this woman and her cheating and lying. In fact when I spoke to her she actually lied to me about a breeder I do know to be reputable.

With the new pup I will take it to obedience classes and then I want to go on to Canine Good Citizen and then on to Therapy Dog.

Ah well, we will find our puppy when it is right. Never rush. Check out all references and get the healthiest pup from the most responsible breeder.

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