Setting Up

Today I need to clean up the puppy room, set up a crate with blankets and bring the puppy piddle pads up from the basement. I also had a piece of wood that I can put across the hallway to block off the rest of the house from Miss Lili.

Hubby is preparing the yard, and he is really looking forward to the new pups arrival. I have puppy classes to line up, and lots of wonderful house breaking puppy work to do!

I’ve got to pack the car, and get down the smaller crate for Lili. My cousin, Janet and I will be the ones driving down. We love these road trips together. We’ve really enjoyed being the Thelma & Louise of our family!

I picked up a few plants today as my seeds just aren’t germinating. I am quite disappointed. But I will fill in the garden with store bought plants if I must.

Happy Friday, Happy Springtime!!!

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