A New Chapter

Finally today, I got Lili in her crate by leaving the door open and allowing her to go back and forth at will. At one point, she just went in, got comfortable and took a nap!

Lili is a real spitfire! She is a handful! At times I have found myself with the exhaustion of a new baby parent.

Thankfully, Lili is very smart. I’ve worked with her every single day and she is really coming around. I remind myself that a great dog just doesn’t happen, it takes a lot of work.

May 26 14 003

I have her Obedience Classes all lined up. She starts on June 16th. I will keep going with her until I feel comfortable that she knows what I want her to do.

I think with Fritz it was about about six months. He did very well, and it made the rest of our life together so very much happier.

So although I am tired, life is good and Lili is doing well. The dackels are adjusting. Life is finding a pace once again. We miss our boy, but honestly, Lili keeps us all on our toes!

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