The One About Poop

I did not have a great day today. In fact I am exhausted. So is the life of a new mother! I woke this morning to a pup who had pooped in her crate and was covered in it!

First I had to pick up this poopy mess and carry her outside to wee-wee. Then I brought her in and tossed her in the sink, and gave her a bath. She did not like her bath, but accepted that in the end, she smelled better.

Then I put her crate outside, got the bedding out and in a plastic bag to carry to the laundry room. Cleaned up the poop, and then sprayed down the crate with shower cleaner, and hosed it all off, leaving it in the sun to dry.

The puppy room was mopped up and then the kitchen was cleaned up as well.

The dachshunds watched everything wide eyed! I don’t think their little minds go back that far, to when they were being potty trained. She is still so young, and these things happen.

Lili was upset (I think my gagging during the entire fiasco probably bothered her) as she wee-wee’d a few time today inside. Just a little setback, right?

I have discovered “The Good Wife”. They show it on the Hallmark Channel in the afternoon. Wow, is it good!

I had chicken to use. Not just a little, but enough so that I could make an entire meal, if only I could figure out what to cook. So many items I did not have in my pantry, but so many things I did. In the end I made a chicken soup, with a couple of small dumplings. It was enough and Hubby was happy.

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  1. Cleaning up poop like that is NO fun, so sorry! I hope today is better! Love YOU, Mel

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