Lili & The Beasts

Today the enzyme powder for Lili arrived. We started her on it for lunch and dinner. She already seems a bit better.

You see, Lili’s pancreas doesn’t make the enzyme needed for her to digest her food. She has not gained weight like most dogs and has just been miserable due to tummy aches and gas.

It made her rather hard to be around because she was just frantic. Frantically hungry, and frantic to be loved.

I wasn’t sure what would become of this girl, but the new medcine gives me hope.

Aug 12 012

The dackels are getting used to her, and Arnie will even cuddle up with her from time to time. It just amazes me how tiny Lili still is. We will certainly have to work on that!

4 thoughts on “Lili & The Beasts”

  1. I keep crossed my fingers for that medication helps Lili so she can gain weight and feel better (you as well) šŸ™‚

  2. poor baby, sometimes, while you’re waiting for something to work, and little doggie valium is good, just to give her some peace. Hopefully this will work.

  3. I am glad to hear that she is now getting that medication. I hope it makes all the difference in the world. Love YOU, Mel

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