Turning 56

Yesterday was my birthday. And it was one of the best yet. If I had known that being 56 wasn’t so bad, then back when I turned 50, I wouldn’t have stressed so much over it.

It was a quiet day. Hubby and I talked about our cruise, and we worked on packing lists. Today I need to actually take all our heavy winter blankets and go out to the laundromat with them. I have four blankets and I want to get it done.

Then if I have some gumption left after all that, I want to come back and work on some more packing. Wednesday is baking day, Thursday is cleaning surfaces, and more packing and Friday, is when we pack the car up with our two cases. Saturday, I change the sheets, getting the bed ready for the house sitters and then we’re out of here.

Birthdays can be really good, even when they are quiet. This year, mine was the best! Thanks everyone, who contacted me and wished me well. It made me feel extraordinarily loved!

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