I think my Karma is changing

I think things are turning around. The dishwasher repair man fixed the machine and now the machine not only works, but is quieter than it has ever been! And I swear the dishes are cleaner too. Hubby claims that the problem was a long time coming. That’s probably true, although I am not a good observer of such things.
The computers have been running beautifully since the tech on the phone, got the problem fixed for us, and got us up and running.
And the heat valve hasn’t stuck again!
Shubi slept through the night and is her usual perky little self this morning. Just to be sure her tummy thing is over, I will keep her on the ID food for another week. I think this is probably a good idea.
I had an appointment with my doctor yesterday and his office is on the 5th floor.

Now in this building is the worst elevator in the entire state. If you meet anyone waiting for this elevator, they all say the same thing. “You might as well get comfy, because you’re gonna be here a while” Now going in to the appointment the elevator performed as expected. Of course there were other people waiting for it and we all rolled our eyes. We waited and waited and eventually the elevator arrived and slowly delivered us to our respective floors.
After my appointment I walked up to the elevator pressed the button and the doors opened! It took me from the 5th floor straight to the 1st and dropped me off. I could almost feel the elevator smiling at me. I was amazed at my luck. And the worst part…there was no one around to share this experience with.
That’s when I decided that perhaps my Karma was changing back to something akin to normal.

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