Happy Birthday, Bernie!

It’s funny how you meet people these days. Years ago I met Bernie and his late wife, Louise online. They kept a blog and so did I. Soon we were messaging off our blogs and becoming friends.

Tragically, Louise passed from this world to the next and her physical presence is deeply missed, even though she lives in our hearts.

I was lucky to meet Bernie back in 2010, when I was in Berlin, Germany breeding Anneliese, and he was there on business. We hit it off right away!


Today is Bernie’s Birthday. I want to wish him a happy day and a healthy year ahead! You are deeply loved and cared for by all you friends and family!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Bernie!”

  1. Yes, and so we all have a made a friend with Bernie through you! Happy Birthday! Love YOU Sis, Mel

  2. Thanks so much Maribeth!!!

    Its just AMAZING how people meet…. I loved my time meeting you in Berlin as well!! And ONE day, we will meet again soon, either here in Australia, or there in the USA!!!

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