Today’s Medical Update!

Shubi hasn’t been feeling too well this week. I had her in to see the Veterinarian on Thursday and he took blood to see what was going on. Since Shubi’s big illness two years ago, she has had some minor problems caused by the chemotherapy and massive doses of Prednisone that she took to recover. However, at Shubi’s appointment on Thursday she had lost nearly a pound and I spoke of my concern that she just wasn’t eating.
Shubi’s back was bothering her some, and he gave me some muscle relaxants for that, and we left awaiting the blood test results.
Those came in yesterday, and they weren’t good. My little girl is having kidney failure. To what extent they are failing, I am not sure, but he wanted her to come in and spend the night hooked up to I.V.’s to help get her system back in balance.
Today, I hope she will come home and when I pick her up I need to have a long, serious talk with him about exactly where on the kidney failure chart our girl is.
Our friends in Australia called and gave us the name of a natural supplement that they use on their dachshund, who also has kidney problems. I will bring the information we found on the Internet with me and ask about that


Hubby got a call yesterday from his Orthopedic Surgeon’s Office. His surgery has been scheduled for March 8th. In the meantime he needs to have a physical and we need to prepare for this big event. We hope that the surgery will be straight forward. Go in, remove the cysts that are on the fibula and tibia, repair the artificial knee that is already in place and close. However, there could be complications. We are just hoping for the best.

I thought I would be happy with yesterday’s heavy rain. You don’t have to shovel rain, right? Wrong! What happened is that it soaked the snow that was left in the driveway, and made the most horrible slushy, slop! I knew the night would bring freezing temperatures and so it had to be moved. I worked like an animal out there, in the rain, and I got most of it moved or broken up. I felt quite proud. Despite my best efforts out there, we now have some black ice and some crunchy clumps.

Okay, I’m ready for winter to be over this year!


So that is the latest from the mountains of New Hampshire!!!

4 thoughts on “Today’s Medical Update!”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that about Shubi. 🙁 Wolfie and I both send our hopesthat Shubi feels better soon.

    We just did the knee joint in anatomy Thursday! I was picturing the knee joint as you were talking about your hubbys joint.

    Ugh that wet snow sounds terrible. 🙁

  2. I am so sorry to hear about darling Shubi. She and you all are in my prayers. Hubby too. And most of all you because you will be bearing the heaviest load of all. Love and care.

  3. I’m sorry about Shubi and hoping for the best for your hubby. The snow/rain, we had it too! It left a nice thin layer of ice on the driveway where I fell 3 weeks ago and almost broke my elbow and had to have 4 stitches. (If you already knew all that, sorry.) So as soon as it was done raining, I got right out there and started salting the driveway. I don’t need anyone else to fall or myself again, for that matter.

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