A Nice Day

Yesterday we decided to take the pups for a nice ride. More than almost anything in the world, Shubi loves to go for rides in the car. So, after we gave her the subcutaneous fluids, we packed up the car and headed out to see our friend Jon. He recently bought a new home and he was anxious for us to see it.
We rode along with Greta on one knee and Shubi cuddled up on my other. She used to sit up and watch the world go by. Yesterday, she just wanted to cuddle and sleep.
We arrived at our friends home and the girls came in and checked out the house. Shubi was quite animated, especially when she found a deer skin!! Suddenly she remembered that she was a dachshund, a hunter and she barked quite a bit at it!
After that she just wanted to be held, and that was just fine with me. Several hours holding my girl was just what I needed.

Feb 16 014.jpg
Feb 16 012.jpg

We stopped at the grocery store so I could pick up some baby food meats for her to eat. She would have none of that, but when we got home and I cut up some cooked steak into tiny little pieces, she ate that up with delight. I wasn’t feeling too good about it all though. She’s eaten in the past and then vomited all night. However, last night, I brought her in to bed with her little blanket, and she slept all night long! No vomiting at all!!!
I’m not kidding myself. I know how sick she is and how everything could change in a heartbeat, but for last night and today, she is doing okay. That makes me happy.
Now if this could last just a little longer, I would be a very happy lady.

6 thoughts on “A Nice Day”

  1. I am so glad that you got a little breather with her. And you got to spend a lot of cuddle time. That is really nice. I thought about you all day, yesterday and then again this morning. I hope you have another good day.

  2. You know, when Tango had pancreatitis once, I tried giving him baby food and he kept throwing it up. The vet eventually told me that actually the baby food had a lot of sodium, so it was better to give steak, or boiled hamburger or chicken. Maybe Shubi knows that it’ll make her feel bad? These little buggers are sometimes smarter than I think they’ll be.

    Those pictures are so sweet. I hope this lasts a good while. Lots of licks from Tango and Murray!

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