Saturday Thoughts

I want to tell you about something that happened this week. It will once again be proof that insanity does run in the family. Or at least, that I am insane. (or perhaps have a healthy imagination)

I was cleaning in the kitchen and I looked out the back glass doors. There is a stone wall along the edge of our property. I saw something odd sitting on the stone wall. I squinted, trying to make out the shape. It looked like a mountain lion or some sort of wild cat!

Me: “What is that?”

Hubby: Not really looking. “Nothing”

Me: “It looks like a wild cat! Maybe a Fischer!”

Hubby: “I told you it’s nothing.”

Me: (getting the binocculars and trying to see with them) “Darn. I can’t use these stupid things because of my eye! You look!”

Hubby: “I told you, it’s nothing.”

Me: (totally annoyed and worried this mountain cat will eat Greta and Shubi, maybe kill Fritz too) “Well, I’m going to go out and see, cause I don’t want it to kill the dogs! If you hear me scream call 911”

Hubby: “I told you, it’s nothing.”

So I walk slowly out the door and start to walk up the hill in our yard toward the unknown creature. My heart is pounding in my chest. I know I will die. This thing will surely kill me! I still can’t see worth a darn, but I feel for the safety of the doggies I need to rule out a dog eating cat. I walk and walk until…
I can see it is a stupid tree stump that our neighbor has laid on the stone wall!
Slowly, I walk back down the hill and come into the house.

Hubby: “Well?

Me: “It was nothing.”

I was at least grateful that he didn’t say anything flip, like, “I told you so.” Somehow he knew it was better just to keep his mouth closed this time. But, even now, when I look out the door and my eyes wander up the hill to the stone wall, I can see the “Dog Eating Cat” waiting!
Yes, a mind is a terrible thing to lose.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Thoughts”

  1. What a funny story…..I can see the “roque” in JackĀ“s eyes….hihihihihi
    Love Uschi

  2. You are not insane. There is this rock that I pass every day walking Marley and the first time I passed it I was CONVINCED it was a large toad. We live in a pretty urban suburban neighboorhood (frogs and toads do not hang out here). I crept up on it and poked it with a stick (it was night time) befor I realized it was a rock. Now everytime I pass it I think to myself, “well it has the shape of a toad!”

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