Getting Back

Monday it was back to life. At least a little bit. I tried to stay productive. I did laundry, and I tried to clean up the kitchen, although looking at it now, I don’t think I did a very good job. Often I would walk into a room intent on doing something, only to find I had forgotten what it was.
I showered and dressed, and discovered my first pimple in about three years. Bright red and on my chin! You simply have to love what emotions will do to you! Ha!
I went in for my yearly mammogram, and I think I had the only technician who is literally far too fussy when it comes to how you are dressed. I used to be given one of those silly hospital gowns to wear for the exam. Sleeves, and two little ties for modesty. Not so today. This technician insists you wear this mini cape thing that hardly covers anything, and with one good gust of wind, all mystery would definitely be lost. I was glad when it was over and I could escape, and get back into all my clothes!
When I came home Fritz was in the yard, which is fairly usual. He just wanted me to let him back in the house. When I came up the stairs and opened the door…nothing. Greta was asleep, and well, Shubi wasn’t there to greet me. Right up to the end, Shubi would race to the door to greet me when I came in. It was always a big deal, whether I’d been gone 2 hours or 5 minutes. How often she met me, and made me feel so tremendously adored.
I found the negative for the sunset picture of Shubi and me, that Hubby took. I plan to bring it in and have an 8X10 print made up. That was back in the days of owning only a 35 mm camera.
I also spent a little time looking through photograph albums of the past. I saw Shubi as a puppy, as she grew and as she played. So many of those pictures made me smile. She was such a happy part of my life.

3 thoughts on “Getting Back”

  1. I hope you can look back on those pictures and memories with smiles. And hopefully as time goes on there will be more smiles and less tears. I hope your mammogram went well.

  2. Keep on trucking! It’s a bumpy road right now. I’m here for you, Sis! I love you.
    Hey I hate those little cape things too. Glad you got the Mammogram done though.

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