Where Is Spring?

Okay, who called in the request for more winter?
Over the weekend we had a foot of snow, and then this morning the temperature was -4 degrees (F) with 25 mile an hour winds!
I went out to get the morning paper and slipped on the ice and pulled the muscle in my calf! Did that hurt! I searched and searched for the morning paper before I found it under the car. Apparently it had blown there in the high winds.
So, I’m inside now, thinking that this is a day I should just stay in my pajamas and do nothing. Ha! I actually have a lot to do, including a trip to the Recycling Center (I sure hope the guy who yelled at me isn’t there), and a mail run. It’s my goal to get the garage cleaned out over the next few weeks.
Back to this awful weather. Now, I am hereby proclaiming that winter should end and that spring should arrive with warm temperatures and gentle breezes!
Doesn’t that sound nice?

6 thoughts on “Where Is Spring?”

  1. Hi Mom,
    Thanks again for everything yesterday. Dainya and I had a nice time, and the only unfortunate part was having to unload all of the boxes in the freezing cold once we got back. It’s so cold here this morning, my car sounded funny when I started it! (And I left my laptop for work in the car last night, and let’s just say I almost had to call IT to get it up and running this morning! It needed 1/2 hour to warm up before it would work!!) Hope you have a good day today, and if I could stay in my PJs today, I would, believe me! Love you, Mandy

  2. Sounds perfect. I mean, spring coming. We haven’t had nearly as bad of winter as you have. I am sorry you fell. Hopefully it won’t bother you long term. I’m off to work. Have a great day!

  3. Here, Here! I second that! Winter is banned. I woudl say lets start a womans movement that has us doing something drastic – but nothing as drastic as chaining ourselves to railings or burning our bras – they keep the chill away *snort*

    Hugs to you! Hope you didn’t fall too hard!

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