The End of a Beautiful Weekend

Can you believe it? We had sunshine, HOT temperatures and no rain all weekend! I think I am in PARADISE!!!!
Today was spent shopping for food amongst the tourists in the rather crowded grocery store, and selecting and planting a new lilac bush for our yard. We are supposed to be in an area that does well with plants, I think it is zone 4-5. But we get the Montreal Express bearing down on us, and have such horrible cold and wind in the winter that many of our bushes and shrubs have croaked. Slowly we are replacing them with things we know can handle the cold. Lilacs!!!
Now we’re waiting for the big kettle to bring the salty water to a boil and then we will toss a couple of Lobstah’s into the pot. A couple of ears of butter and sugar corn and a piece of Strawberry Rhubarb Pie for dessert is the perfect way to end a weekend!

4 thoughts on “The End of a Beautiful Weekend”

  1. Dad would’ve rather had dinner with you guys! We were thinking of going to Browns in Seabrook, but it got too late, and I had been cleaning all day, and I was sweaty & smelly (Lush bath, here I come!!!), so we had…KFC ROFL!

  2. We had Kabobs (beef and lots of veggies), bread, and Angel cake.
    This weekend We got our deck painted and dry so we were all out there and in the pool. Fun!

  3. Awright, girl, I’ve had it! You owe me for a new keyboard. That’s right. I just drooled all over mine and shorted it out. It was brand-new, too.

    Oh, how I miss the East Coast, where we could get live lobsters at the corner grocery store! The midwest HOOVERS when it comes to food.

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