I’ve been cleaning. This is not something I do with great relish! However, after the construction to rebuild my fire place, this just had to be done. There was this thin film of cement dust on everything. Walls, curtains, floors, counter tops, EVERYTHING! The family room and kitchen are side by side and open to each other, so the project is great.
I’d covered the upholstered furniture with dust clothes, so they were just fine, and I’d rolled up the rug and removed that and the coffee table, but those things aside, I needed to wash down everything else.
I was grumbling and grousing all during this chore. Two full days of doing this heavy, nasty, house work. However, when I got up today, I thought how wonderful the two rooms look! Wow!!!
I still have a little left to do, mostly dust a few things and then actually file the papers in the file box. Not really tough stuff (although I secretly detest filing!).
But everything is clean and that is wonderful!!!

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  1. Sounds fun! NOT! I hate that construction dust. I had many years of cleaning that as a child because my dad did construction and often we would have to help clean up job sites.

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