Greta Is An Old Lady Now

A while back I noticed that at night, Greta was having a problem with minor leaking incontinence. I called my Vet to ask if I could do anything. She told me about some pills to use to help strengthen her sphincter.


I went and got a prescription from her and came home and gave Greta her first dose. A few hours later, I thought I might lose my dog.

Greta began to cry and to pace back and forth. She could not sit still, and her cries became louder and more pathetic. I tried to hold her to comfort her, but nothing I did helped. I got no sleep that night as I was too busy praying for my little dog to be okay.

In the morning, I read all I could about Proin and found out that this is really a nasty medication, that is no longer available for people (Dexatrim) and many pet owners wrote in about the ill effects on their pets.

I swear by all that is holy, I will not give Greta another one of these tablets! I got out her old seasonal (estrus) panties and a Kotex pad and I put these on her at night. I put a plastic sheet under her doggy bed, and she now lies in her bed, on my bed and everyone is happy.

5 thoughts on “Greta Is An Old Lady Now”

  1. Aww, poor Greta. It’s so hard to watch them deteriorate. Wonder why the vet prescribed that medication if it has such bad reviews and ill effects? To give something that’s now off market for humans? That’s odd. You did right by her.

  2. I hate medications, avoid them if you can doggies and people. Glad she is doing better. Love YOU, Mel

  3. Sorry to read about the ordeal, but I’m glad she’s better now.
    Tobi had similar problems (though his problem was more NOT being able to pee sometimes) and we got a grip on it through LOW dosages of caniphedrin (which is also available in the US) and also helps to support the function of the spincter muscles.

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