Friday Five

The week is rushing by. Here we are and it is Friday! Now here is something particularly hilarious. On Monday I was half way through the day when I thought, “Oh, I am so happy it’s Friday!”. Then I realized it was, in fact, Monday! Groan!

So here are the highlights from this past week.

  1. Greta had her health checked. This required me driving in ice and snow out to my Vet’s office. I just took my time and we made it out and back, just fine.
  2. Hubby and I did the taxes and mailed them off. I am always glad when we get that done. My least favorite time of year!
  3. Thursday found me digging out the laundry and working on catching up with all of that. I admit to being a bit remiss at throwing in a load here or there, so it was important to get at least three loads done.
  4. I made Lentil Soup today. It was the first time. I made a vegetarian Lentil Soup and it was actually not too bad. I have had Lentil Soup from cans and also in restaurants, but they always tended to have sausage and were really thick. So, I thought I did not like it. This was good.
  5. This weekend I plan to take a few walks with Greta. My plan is to walk her into shape a little, while at the same time, walk myself into better condition.

Have a great weekend everyone!

One thought on “Friday Five”

  1. Walks are wonderful! In a way a little adventure every time you step out the door. Love YOU, Mel

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