Friday Five

And here we are again. Another week has come and gone and Friday is upon us. It’s mid-May, and in two weeks my little love, Savannah will turn four years old! Here are 5 recollections of the last four years.

  1. The day Savannah arrived I held her, tears in my eyes and felt the deepest surge of love imaginable.
    May31 12 002

    She was the most beautiful baby girl and my heart swelled with love.
  2. As she grew I started to see her very distinctive personality. She was bright, alert, and imaginative. She also knew from an early age what she liked.
    Savannah and her chair

    In fact we took her shopping for a bouncy seat and she tried several before settling down in one and picking it out as her own.
  3. By her first birthday she was walking, and starting to talk. As she grew older her talking increased.

    Happy from Dackel Princess Maribeth on Vimeo.

    She began to express her wants and desires, but in words.
  4. She has always been so cuddly and loving.
    Dec. 25 086

    And to this day, she will see me, run into my arms crying “Oma” in her happy little voice!
  5. I love sitting and talking with her now.
    IMG_0174 (2)

    She will tell me all her little stories, her feelings, and I am enthralled.

What a true blessing it is to be an Oma to this amazing little girl!!!

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  1. It is amazing how the time just flies by! I can not believe she is almost 4 years old. Such a beautiful joy to you and all of us! Love YOU, Mel

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