Happy 18th Anniversary!!!

Eighteen years ago today, Hubby and I exchanged vows on Cape Cod and became husband and wife. All I can say is, where has the time gone?
I remember that day as though it was yesterday.
It was bright and sunny and the day was filled with promise.
The wedding was a small one with only about 35 people in attendance. My daughter, Mandy was my maid of honor and my step daughter Jessica was my bridesmaid. My Uncle George walked me down the isle and gave me away. My father played the organ. He didn’t really want to give me away “again”, as he claimed that it hadn’t stuck the first time.
My mother sat in the first row with my Uncle Betty. I remember during the service when we had said our vows hearing Uncle Betty start to cry with happiness. She was like that. All tough on the outside and a marshmallow on the inside.
For this wedding (unlike my first), I had planned everything from the flowers to the food. I’d searched high and low for a gown and finally found one while visiting a friend in Florida. I remember carrying the gown on a flight back to Boston from Miami. No one was with me when I found it. I just knew when I tried it on that it was the right gown for me.

Hubby and I wanted a traditional service, with traditional vows. It was the most beautiful of weddings and such a wonderful way to start our life together.

So today as we celebrate 18 happy years together I make a toast to my husband, my lover and my best friend.

Happy Anniversary, Darling“!

14 thoughts on “Happy 18th Anniversary!!!”

  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day together. I remember your wedding like it was yesterday too. It was such a beautiful, happy day. Love Ya!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! All the best to you and Jack for the day today and the future! Enjoy to be together as much as you can. We are with you in our thoughts.
    Love Uschi and Volker

  3. Hi Mom, Hope you and Jack had a wonderful day together yesterday. Did you do anything special? Hope all is well, and talk with you soon! Gram said to pass along a hello!
    Love you,

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