Going On With Life

It’s the time of year when one must register your dogs with the town. I decided today was as good a day as any to get this done. I grabbed the rabies documents for the dogs and went to the Town Hall to pay for their licenses. When I got there I realized I had the rabies documents for Fritz and Shubi, not Greta. I could have just gone back home, but I figured I would go in and see if they had Greta’s documentation on file. They did. The very kind lady began the process of registering the dogs, Fritz, Greta and then she said Shubi.
You all will be proud to know that I did not lose it and start sobbing. I said in a rather flat voice that Shubi had passed away. The lady was very sad to hear this. She remembered Shubi from the times I brought her in to say hello. I paid the fees and got the new tags and got out to the car. I even managed to get the mail and get home with nary a tear.
Then I was telling Hubby about it and that’s when I lost it and started to cry.
Miss you Shubi.

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