Reunion Day 1

As we drove to Savannah, Georgia, we were in touch with our friends, Jim and Geraldine. They were flying in from Boston, and we were due to arrive at the hotel at the same time on Wednesday, August 3rd. We spoke, at about 2 PM and Jim jokingly said that the race was on, to see who got there first!

We did not speed, (honestly, Hubby would have, but I am the enforcer in the car!) and when we pulled up to the Savannah Hilton Desoto, I did not see them.

The hotel is a Valet only hotel and suddenly we had three of the guys out helping us unload the car, and put our suitcases on the cart. I also brought my pillow, because since surgery, my pillow is the only thing that makes me comfortable!

As we stood unloading…the shuttle arrived from the airport! Jim and Geraldine got out and I stood there waving my arms and hollering out their names.

We won!

Desoto Hilton

So, here we are, standing in front of the most beautiful hotel, with all of our luggage. We went into the hotel to check in. Hubby and I decided to use some of my Hilton Points and we upgraded to a large corner room. It was amazing! We had a huge, King size bed, and a window facing the down town area, and the balcony facing the Savannah River and St. Johns Catholic Church.

Our room
Our room from the street.
Desoto room
Our room inside.

St. John’s Catholic Church.

After we settled in, (our friends were in the next room) our friends came over for drinks and snacks. Then we went down and registered with the Reunion staff.

Now here is a weird and I guess funny thing. When filling out the Reunion information, I typed my name (MARIBETH) then in a red marker, I wrote: Please note: my name is spelled, MARIBETH.

If you guessed that they misspelled my name then you are correct. I could not believe that anyone could possibly miss that note. There is not much that bugs me, but that sure did!

Their answer to their mistake? They took a black sharpie marker and turned the Y into a thick i . Next year I will send a short essay on the misspelling of names, and how ignoring a request can be hurtful!

That night we walked from the hotel to a gourmet restaurant, whose name escapes me at the moment, ad had a nice meal. One thing I found interesting was that we were constantly looking for Savannah food, and just couldn’t find any. There was an abundance of fast food, or gourmet, but not that good old Southern food that I was looking forward to.

After dinner we returned to the hotel, had a night cap and hit the hay.

More tomorrow, on what would prove to be the most interesting day of our Reunion trip!

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