My German Odyssey 1989 Part 10

We started taking side trips. We drove out to Salzburg, Austria. Our daughter’s were enjoying going across borders now, getting their nearly empty passports stamped. We took the girls to The Salzbergwerk-Berchtesgaden Salt Mines. It was a fun experience to slide down into the mines and then go on the small train through the mines. We were lucky enough to get the front seat on our tour, which gave us this wonderful picture.

We drove over to The Eagles Nest where Hitler spent a great deal of time with his friends and Eva Braun. The views from the top were beautiful, although it was very crowded with tourists.

The next day we drove to down toGarmisch Partenkirchen, where we took the tram to the top of Zugspitze. Unfortunately that day it was rainy, foggy and cold and we didn’t see anything. But the ride in the tram was fun.

The next day we went to two of King Ludwig’s Castles. First we went to Neuschwanstein, where we waited in line for what seemed like forever, and since it was in the bright, hot sun, it was even worse. After a couple of hours, (no kidding) we got into the castle and made our way through. What an impressive Castle! Imagine riding your horse through the night to go “home” to this grand palace.
After grabbing lunch at a small gasthaus we drove on to Linderhof Castle. This smaller palace, Linderhof has so much charm with the most beautiful gardens, and fountains. It also boasts a large collection of Meissen China. There were lamps, vases, mantle clocks, chandeliers and dinnerware. Each room was decorated with Meissen pieces that had been made especially for King Ludwig.

That night Lucie and Otto prepared a lovely feast with all of their family. It was our last night with them before we said good-bye the next morning. Our time in Bavaria had ended. It was time to move on in the last few days our daughters would be with us in Europe.

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