The Definition of Insanity!

The definition of insanity is having four dogs! I decided this today at 5 AM, when two of them woke me, to go outside and commune in the -2 degree (F) frosty, snow and icy darkness.

Now Greta was smart and she hurried out and came back in, because we all know that when you are low, slow, and reliable, the snow and ice get to you quickly! If it had just been her, I’d have crawled back into bed and gotten another hour or two of sleep. But no. Lili, super thick coated, and full of two year old energy, decided that 5 AM was a great time to explore the field behind our house.

She ran and she jumped and she had a splendid time, while I whistled for her to come in. After 20 long minutes, during which time, the other two dachshunds went out and did their thing and hurried in, Lili finally turned and came in.  By then, I was cold and wide awake!

So I slipped into my jeans and warm shirt, put on my bulky socks, and pulled out my heating pad. I snuggled up with two dachshunds in my chair, and turned on the TV to watch the end of a movie I have seen a million times, and start my day!

But as I sit here I cannot help but wonder how I got here. Me, and four dogs? Truly, it is insanity to have 4 dogs that all wake you up before the sun is even in the sky. And why, why do I have them? Well, perhaps because, insane or not, these guys give me so much love, that in the end, I feel blessed!

One thought on “The Definition of Insanity!”

  1. Yes, there is some insaneness in having for dogs – but I understand the glory of it too.
    I sure miss mine. Enjoy those hounds as much as you can.
    And spring is nearing 😉

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