Cook Out #1

Yesterday was such a fun day. My cousin Janet came up with my Uncle and brought with her the delightful Miss Smoochie Michelle. We also had Hubby’s Army flight school buddy, Ed, and his charming wife, Janis. And yes, we did get the two Janet and Janis mixed up.

Me, Greta, Janis, Fritz and Michelle.

We sat outside on our patio and had salsa and chips which Ed and Janis had brought. Ed and Janis make the best home made salsa! Man, forget the diet! Hubby served beer and wine to those who wanted, while others drank water. We talked and joked and ate and ate, and finally Hubby asked, “So when do you want me to fire up the grill?”
Finally about 2:30 he started the charcoal and we started to cook a while later. I’m not sure what it is about the first hamburgers and hotdogs cooked on an open fire, in the spring, but hey taste so good that you want more and more!
After we ate, we four girls went down to the Craft Fair and walked around. Janet and I were the only ones who actually bought something. Janis and Michelle showed great control!
We came back and I made some coffee and Janet served her dessert. She made an eggless, flourless chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. Oh my God, take me now! It was so good!!! All control was lost and I simply melted in my desire for more. (diet? what diet?)

Great welcoming her new friend, Michelle
We all sat around talking until we realized it was 7 PM and everyone needed to hit the road. So we said our goodbyes and sadly, the first cook out of the season ended.

3 thoughts on “Cook Out #1”

  1. That Greta is such a flirt!!
    Cute pix, MB.

    I am wondering if that cake recipe is a family secret…or can you get it for us???


  2. I had a wonderful time! My favorite was getting kisses from Greta of course! You have a wonderful home and great friends. Thank you for letting come and visit and be part of such a glorious day!

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