Cook Out Day

Sunday was hot, humid and hazy.Typical summer weather. Usually, I could care less about the heat in the summer, now that Hubby has air-conditioners installed in every window through out the house. On a 90 degree day, we can keep the house nice and dry and comfortable. Somehow today, despite the air-conditioning, I remained hot. (menopause?)
Today my best friend from my childhood came with her family. I have known Gail since we attended a Christian Summer Camp when we were 13 years old. I’d been looking forward to this since the spring when she told me they were going to Nova Scotia for vacation. I knew that to get there, they had to either come through here going or coming!

On their way home they stopped and spent the afternoon. We had a great cookout, christening Hubby’s new grill,

and ate a wonderful feast of summertime foods. Hot-dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, stuffed eggs, vegetables with dip and yes, my world famous, (okay, my Hubby’s favorite!) Strawberry Rhubard pie.

We talked and joked around and had the best time. It felt so relaxing to just sit and enjoy the porch, the people and the meal.
All too soon they had to leave to head for home. I hope they come back soon.
Even Greta had a good time.

10 thoughts on “Cook Out Day”

  1. mmmm, and you get to repeat it all over again tomorrow!!! Can’t wait to see you guys 🙂

    The lake in the background of the second pic looks hazy, the ocean looked like that yesterday, too!

  2. Being the guest of honor, I will attest that the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie was TO DIE for and the potato salad was right there with it! Thank you guys for having us- I have been on my “best friend” high for over 24 hours now! We got back to Delaware at 7:30 tonight… Love ya!

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