Strong Women

Thursday I spent the day with two of my favorite people. My beautiful daughter, Amanda, and my former mother-in-law, Alice. We celebrated Alice’s birthday a little early and went out for lunch. We met before lunch at Amanda’s place and sat around drinking coffee and chatting up a storm. It felt so good and so comfortable, we three women with this familial connection. Of course legally Alice isn’t related to me at all, but in my heart she always will be. She was a wonderful mother-in-law to me and we have remained friends. Best of all, she has been an outstanding grandmother to my daughter. I couldn’t have asked for better.

I’ve always read those e-mail things that go around about wonderful, strong, women.
Thursday we all had lunch together.

8 thoughts on “Strong Women”

  1. Awesome shots of you all. I think that is the best photo of you I’ve seen (not that I’ve seen that many). I am assuming that Amanda is Mandy your dtr. She is adorable.
    Ahhhhh, female bonding. How delightful. I miss my mum. She is so dang busy she’s never home to chat with. Sheesh.
    Have a spectacular day M.

  2. This is a really wonderful post; you all look so happy. And might I just say, I really want what Alice is going to eat! 😉

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