What’s In A Name?

Recently I was talking with a friend about our pet’s names. When we carried our little bundles of fur home, we had worked feverishly to find just the right name for them. Often the names are rather Grand! But then, what happens over time, is that you develop silly nick-names to match their personalities. So, in honor of  National Dog Day, August 26th, here are mine.


  1. Greta’s Registered Name is: Xochil Vom Geestmoor. It’s her overly grand German, registered name. It starts with the letter X because she was from this Kennel Owner’s X litter.  Well, Xochil, just didn’t seem right to me, for a tiny 8 week old German baby girl doggy. So we changed her name, (unofficially) to Greta. I’d always loved that name, and it seemed to fit her. The funny thing is, that as we were walking through the Frankfurt Airport in Germany, an old woman stopped me to admire Greta and when she asked about her name I said, “Greta“! She laughed and said, “Oh like the actress “Greta Garbo“! And at 8 weeks of life, Greta had her first nick-name. Sometimes, I will be calling her and I will jokingly say, “Miss Garbo, Paging Miss Garbo!”, the way they would have, back in the days of old Hollywood! Of course her other nick-name is “Gret-zky” after Wayne Gretzky! And the weirdest part is that she knows her nick-names and responds to them!
  2. Arnie’s Registered Name is: ,Dackel Princess’s Arnold. He was from my first litter of German registered pups, and thus had to have a name that started with A. Arnie’s nick names include, Arnie, of course, Mr. Arnie Man, Mr Bud-er-ino and My Boyfriend! But the one we use most often is Mr. Arnie Man! It just seems to fit.
  3. Anneliese’s Registered Name is: Dackel Princess Anneliese. She is also from my first litter of German registered pups, and thus had to have a name that began with the letter A. I’ve always loved the name Anneliese (pronounced AHN-Ah-LEE-SAH) and the first few years of her little life, I never gave her a nick-name. But as she and I got closer I started to come up with a few. Lisa, (LEE-SAH) Lisa Marie, and Miss Marie! I love it when I am playing outside with her and I call in a silly voice, “Miss Marie”!!! And she comes running toward me with her ears flying in the breeze!
  4. Lili’s Registered Name is: Princess Lili Marlene of Noblewood. Also rather grand. She is only registered with the AKC. Since Lili’s name is rather short, she didn’t a nick-name for some time. But the girl is super high energy. She is always jumping around, like Mexican Jumping Beans. So, one day I started calling her “Lili-Beans” and it stuck. Also just plain old “Lil” But Lili also has a tonal nickname. I just change the tone of my voice to a higher pitch and call out, “Lil-EE” and no matter where she is, or what she is doing, she comes running.

 Anyway, I love my doggies, and having them around is so much fun. And they take all my silliness in stride and make me feel so loved!!!

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