I have decided to catch you all up on the latest from New Hampshire. I feel like so much has happened in the last week that I have been somewhat remiss in sharing. So I will go back to Sunday and work forward.
I did mention that my childhood friend, Gail came for a visit. But because I didn’t have a picture of the event I had to wait until she got home and sent them to me. So here I am with Gail, whom I have known since I was 13 years old, and trust me, that is a very, very long time!

Monday, I had hoped for a little down time, but it was not to be. I had errands to run and groceries to get and cooking to do. Of course, it all made Tuesday such a success, that I can’t complain. I really enjoyed having everyone come for the Fourth of July, and grazing on all the delicious food, made the day a lazy, relaxed, and comfortable day.

Wednesday I was once again trying to catch up. There was cleaning to do, and then the usual stuff, like meals to cook, bills to pay and the garden to work in. In fact when my daughter called to firm up plans for Thursday, I was so out of it, I actually thought it was still Tuesday and I would have a day off before my drive down to her place. I had to laugh at myself, but holidays do that to me.
Thursday, not only did I spend time with my daughter, Amanda and my former mother in-law, but I got to spend time with my grand-kittys! I have three. Cleo, who is a bit shy, Maestro, her brother who is a big beautiful black and white boy, and Ortez who is gray and white and really loves his Grammy! Ortez is the baby and still full of wonderful wild energy!

Amanda & Maestro, me & Ortez

Friday we headed over to have Hubby’s knees examined. This was his first post operative appointment. I am happy to report that all went well. Hubby is released for the next three months, with promises that he will not do things like kneel for a while, (I have screamed at him about this already!) or should he simply have to kneel he must get some “Miss Lewinsky” knee pads to use!

Hubby’s latest x-rays.

Saturday I devoted to weeding the garden. I have not been very good about it and there was a lot to do. I spent about 2 hours simply pulling them out, and now the garden is looking great. I need to mention that we have now eaten our first two summer squash, fresh from the garden, tossed in a pan with butter and onions and basil, and today we picked our first cucumber! The joy that gardening brings is definitely when you serve it all up on a plate!

And to end this post I will make note that today Greta flushed out a Mama and baby ducky. She did not hurt them, but simply flushed them from the bushes. Still when I heard Hubby hollering at her I ran full speed up the hill and discovered I am not nearly as young and fit as I once was! Greta was carried home by me, and I let her know that she is not to scare Mummy like that again. A person could die of heart failure!
You may all stop giggling now!

9 thoughts on “Wrap-Up”

  1. Firstly, that cucumber looks gigantic in that photo!

    Secondly, omg the cat! He totally makes me miss my ex cat Peanut SO much. (Peanut is roughly that size) He looks so warm and snuggly.

    Finally: the duckies!! You are so lucky to have them nearby. My Mum has some near her as well and last year for awhile we were feeding them but we never saw any ducklings 🙁

    Also? LOL @ the “Miss Lewinsky” knee pads.

  2. Those cats are HUGE!!!

    Max flushed out a turkey and her chicks last Thursday. The poor turkey mom was SO frantic she kept running up and down the yard, flapping her wings, Max was on the line and running up and down after her, thinking he’d won the doggy lottery!

  3. Oh. Ohhh. I LOVE pickling cukes. They are so much more crunchy and flavorful then regular cukes. And that’s exactly how we used to eat summer squash…until I moved west and they grill them after marinating them in salad dressing.

    I couldn’t put in a garden this year since I had broken my toe right at the time I would have been planting. I may put in a fall/winter garden. As a matter of fact the end of this month would be the right time to get started on that. Oh, thanks for the reminder.

    Well, hope you got some relaxation this weekend. Hubby’s knees look cute. Be sure and tell him. *wink*

  4. Those hound dogs!! – our dog and granddog have been nosing after a skunk these past few nights. Last night, Daisy was in a dead sleep and the smell woke her up and she was frantic to go outside. Her nose is definitely better than Fergus’.

    I tagged you on my blog. Hope you can play!

  5. LOL! – Miss Lewinsky” knee pads! 🙂

    We’ve eaten the first of the yelow Zuchini last week. Our cucumbers are starting to fruit, but are not at a picking size yet. 🙂

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