Farewell Dear Nan

When I  was eight, my sister met her future husband. They were 13. They courted through letters, and occasional phone calls and visits either to Arlington where Ron lived or he came to Falmouth.

Since propriety called for a chaperone for my sister, I was nominated for the post. Everyone knew I had a big mouth and that if Mel and Ron did anything they shouldn’t I would rat them out. After all, what else do 8 year olds do?.

Consequently I met Ron’s mother, Nancy, pretty early in my life. She was studying to be an elementary school teacher, and I was a great way for her to practice.


My Mom on the left and Nancy on the right. Two lovely ladies!

I remember her teaching me to read and to do simple math. She also read me stories, which I really loved.

When Melodie was invited to go to their cottage in Winchendon, Massachusetts, I was invited as well. Ron’s parents taught me to water ski, to shoot a BB gun, and what it was like to camp with no TV. At least I do not recall there being one there.

I remember Nan in her lovely bathing suit, being on the dock, in the boat and swimming, looking incredibly beautiful.

After Mel and Ron married, they lived with Ron’s folks while he went to school, and while Mel and Ron’s first child was born. I went up to stay with them and again, I spent time with Nan watching Boston Bruins Hockey. These were the years of Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito and Derrick Sanderson! Yes, a hockey team made in heaven!

Over the years, Nan’s life went in a different direction, but whenever we saw each other it was easy. After all, even though we weren’t technically related, she always treated me like one of her own.


Ron and his mother Nancy.

This lovely woman passed away yesterday from complications of age and Parkinson’s Disease. Her death means that the last of our parents is gone and now Mel, Ron, Ron’s brother and I are the older generation. It’s hard to believe.

Nancy loved all of her family very much. She was proud of each of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I think at the end, she fretted some, at leaving them all, but her body just plain gave out.

So, as I bid a very fond farewell, to a terrific lady, who made such an impact on my life, I send out my deepest sympathy to all of Nancy’s family and her friends.

Rest in peace, Nancy.

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