Lucky Me!

I was thinking today about my grandchildren. I do that a lot you know. I was thinking about the miracle that brought them into our lives and the fact that at times I get overwhelmed with love for them.


They’re really wonderful kids. I’ve watched Savannah grow and here she is at six years of age and she is so interesting.


She loves to run, swim, dance, and act in community plays. She loves to be read to, to cuddle, and to help out with anything that we happen to be doing. She is mostly cheery and really seldom has a bad day. I sit and marvel at what a great girl she is, and how lucky that she is part of our family.


Quinn is a bit different than Savannah. Oh he is just as active as his sister, and he loves to be read to and to play with his trucks (this boy was born with a love of anything with a wheel!), but here is something that is so cute and funny about him.

When Quinn wakes up, he wakes with a very serious little face. It’s very funny because he is so bright and cheerful otherwise, but he got the “I don’t like to wake up!” gene and it shows so clearly on his little face. It makes me laugh, (but never out loud!) when I am watching him.



Once he is awake, his whole personality changes into a happy and sweet little guy. In fact, I am head over heels in love with this adorable boy. Last year his teachers at the Pre-school he attends sent Mandy a picture of Quinn on the tricycle. A year later they sent her an almost identical picture showing how he had grown!


Now isn’t he just the cutest little boy you have ever seen?

So forgive me if I share a little of my being madly in love with my grandchildren. They are the lights in my life, the joy in my heart and I feel so blessed and grateful to be a part of their worlds!

2 thoughts on “Lucky Me!”

  1. It wasn’t until I was well into adult years, long after they were dead, that I appreciated what my maternal grandparents did for us and how kind they were. I would just like one minute with her to tell her, thank you and we know what you did for us. Grandparents, and uncles, aren’t necessarily shown appreciation at the time. Just my experience. I hope your grandchildren know your love throughout their lives and appreciate it.

  2. I know just what you mean when you say you sometimes get overwhelmed with love for the grandkids. That’s exactly how I feel and they don’t even have to be at my house for that feeling to arise. 🙂 I do love posts about grandkids whether they’re mine or not. There’s just nothing quite like a grandbaby.

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