The Friday Five

The Friday Five

The end of another week and I find that although I am trying quite hard to keep things simple and low key, things are happening around me that are both exciting, and on the other hand Poigniant. So here are this weeks Friday Five.



  1. Greta. My goodness I’m just heartbroken. She continues her slow deterioration and I try so hard to keep her comfortable and happy, but I am losing this battle. I don’t want to be the one to make this decision, but I feel that very soon I will have to. When Fritz died it was all out of my hands. Fritz had an aneurysm rupture and he went so quickly. With Greta, it has been a long good-bye.
  2. We are starting to plan out a trip this Fall. We never travel anymore, so this trip to get together with other Army Otter and Caribou Association members is something we are really looking forward to. When we first joined the association was a large group of men and their wives. However, over the last 25 years, so many of the gang have passed away. But, it’s exciting to go and renew old friendships, and also see places we have not spent time in.
  3. Our maps arrived for our trip. Have I ever confessed that I am a Map Junkie? I love maps, good maps, I love following along and finding my way through crazy places. So far we have mapped out a good, easy route for our trip.
  4. I’ve decided that I am over summer! Well, not the bright sunny skies, but the heat and humidity part. It just seems to go on and on!
  5. I’ve really been enjoying looking back at our time living in Germany. I will do a few more posts next week and share more pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



2 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. It is such a hard call to make about your pets. We have done it four times in the past. One of the dogs and one of the cats were the hardest. They are not like children. You don’t have to love them equally. Quality of life, pain, appetite….. I am sure you know all that.

    There are more than one of us who love maps. I have a small collection, and some old, one very old, street directories.

    Your trip should be enjoyable, it much nice weather.

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