Tennis Tantrums

I woke up on Saturday morning with a sore neck and shoulder. All the work I have been doing and furniture moving had taken its toll on my body. So, as I sipped my coffee and watched cooking shows on The Food Channel, I decided to take the day off from the heavy work.

Oh, I still needed to cook meals, walk dogs, and help Jack bring the lawn mower to the shop, but the real heavy work would be left for another day.

I watched the US Open Women’s Final Tennis match this afternoon, and I was truly disheartened by Serena Williams actions. I was also shocked and saddened at the New York crowd, who booed a 20-year-old woman after her first major win.

The young woman, Naomi Osaka, is the first Japanese citizen to win a Grand Slam. She is young and had always dreamed of playing Serena Williams, whom she idolized. As the game progressed a few incidents occurred and Serena was judged to be getting coaching from the stands and also broke her racket in a fit of pique and Serena screamed at the Referee!

When Serena lost in straight sets and as the announcement was made that Naomi had won, the crowd booed this winner! It was one of the worst moments I have witnessed in tennis. In fact, while they set up for the formal award ceremony the crowd booed. And young Naomi cried. It was the saddest thing ever.


During the awards, Serena asked for people to stop booing, but by then the damage had been done. Noami’s fabulous win had been stolen from her! Shame on you New York Tennis Fans! Naomi played better than Serena and she won fair and square. Grow up!

Naomi Osaka, I apologize for the rude New York audience. I wanted to jump through my TV screen and slap each and every boo-er!

Tomorrow it’s back to work around the house. Not that I really feel like it, but it must be done. Oh yes. The peaches are starting to come in. You know what this means? Time to make the Heavenly Jam!


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  1. What you have written is totally endorsed by me. As an experienced player, Williams should have known better. While of course Williams would be a favourite with New Yorkers, surely the crowd had an idea that what they were doing would be mentally devastating to the winner. Terrible business.

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