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It’s all about – What, what, what???

What is your claim to fame?

My cooking. Most people know that I love to cook and I like to believe that most people like what I cook.

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What is something you like to do the old-fashioned way?

Cook! In this day and age when people believe cooking is heating things up in a microwave, I like getting all the ingredients and making things from scratch!

What did you think you would grow out of but haven’t?

My wonder of snow. I love to go out, in the middle of a snowfall and stand and listen to the silence. There is something wonderful about the way snow muffles all sounds. It’s magical!

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What is the dumbest thing you’ve done that actually turned out pretty well?

I don’t know, people would say getting married at 17 was pretty dumb, but we had two wonderful children, and I have two fabulous grandchildren, so even though the marriage didn’t work out, look at all we have! And in the end, my former husband and I are friends.

If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

I wouldn’t. I’m sort of attached to my name now. For many years I didn’t care for my name. However, as time has gone on, my name has grown on me. It’s who I am.

What is something random you can tell us about this week?

I had my biopsy on Tuesday and there are now three small stitches in my brow. They come out on Tuesday next week. I’m a little sore tonight, but I hope by tomorrow I will be fit as a fiddle!



6 thoughts on “The Wednesday Medley”

  1. The first photo is funny. Heating things up is so old fashioned now. You Uber your food in and it arrives nice and hot. I wish I was joking.

  2. I answered with my cooking and doing a traditional Thanksgiving, so we are in sync with a couple of our answers today! Thanks so much for joining in on the Medley!! Prayers lifted for good news on the biopsy.

  3. Your mention of the silence of the snow interests me. Especially since I usually complain about the snow, I’ll have to admit that I love that attribute of deep snow also. And I do love the brutally cold days of January (if there’s no wind) when the snow squeaks beneath my feet. I need to focus on those things. 🙂 And I also love to cook from scratch. It’s so rewarding. We were watching a mystery series and it seems that the couple are always bringing home food from the deli to eat for dinner. That’s a horrid way to live, in my book. And anyone can learn to cook if they want to.

  4. Hello Maribeth, good to meet you. I enjoyed your answers to Terri’s questions. It is satisfying to create a good meal in your own kitchen. Hope you are pain free by now and all will be well with your biopsy.

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