My Tree

I was sitting here finishing up my dinner when I glanced over at the little Christmas tree. I noticed the white lights on the top half of the tree were searingly bright. Uh-oh! Usually, lights do this right before they burn out.

Sure enough, right as we finished up, I looked over at the tree and the lights are off. Holy, Moly!


After thinking this over and debating the final solution, I decided that tomorrow morning I will completely take the tree apart, remove the bad string of lights and restring the entire tree with new ones.

Then I had another genius idea!

At the end of this Christmas Season, I will put a clean sheet around it, and store it until next year.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy decorating Christmas Trees, but stringing the lights and all that is not my thing.

All will be well in the end. I just didn’t think I would have to put up two trees this year!


4 thoughts on “My Tree”

  1. Not a bad idea at all to preserve the tree. Of course you are of an age where you would remember chasing down the full voltage defective light bulb.

  2. Have used a table treefor the past three years. However, this year it will be full sized. I have visions of tablecloth, tree, lights and crèche on the floor. Trouble, the kitten, has learned to jump and without doubt, would fully investigate the table cover, etc

  3. The lights twinkle and make our holidays bright…. until they don’t. Sad for you and your pretty little tree!

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