Wednesday was the National Funeral for President George H.W. Bush. I watched it, as I longed for the familiarity of the Episcopal Service.

I was Baptized as an Episcopalian. For those in England and Australia, the Episcopal Church is very much like The Church of England and the Anglican Church.

I never thought about it too much growing up, but in my thirties, I served my Church as a Eucharistic Minister. I loved doing that. I felt I was helping people to feel the peace of God

When we moved back to New Hampshire, there was far too much in the way of politics going on in the Episcopal Church here, and so I fell away from it. I was secure that God loved me and I know I love God, so we’re good.

Today I watched the Service for President Bush. I will tell you that I cried. Was I crying for him? For his family, for the loss of such a special man?

I think a little. Mostly I found myself crying, remembering those I have loved and lost. My Grandmother was truly devoted to the Church. I felt myself thinking about her and missing her. My father, my mother, and grandfather. Yes. I missed them all.

And I felt a loss again of my brother who passed at the age of 26. I remember so many times Mom dragged us to Church and some of the hilarity that occurred. Like when my brother fell asleep at Christmas Eve Mid-Night Service and then slid under the pew!

I thought of my little girl who was Baptized in the Church. As well as weddings, funerals and other Baptisms.

I recited the Liturgy, I sang with the songs, so familiar to me. I laughed and I cried, and at the end of the day, I am feeling a little tired and emotional.

I think I need a good night sleep tonight and then a fresh start tomorrow. Rest in Peace George H.W. Bush. May your Eternal Life include your beloved wife Barbara and your little girl, Robin.



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  1. It was a rather moving funeral from the bits I saw. Some bad things are done in the name of religion and there is much hypocrisy along with empty words. But so many find comfort in religion and that must be a good thing for them. I hope you had a restorative and peaceful sleep.

  2. It was indeed a beautiful tribute to a life well-lived! Your personal reflections and emotions were probably good for your soul. Sometimes it can make all the difference to let the feelings overflow now and than. Love & hugs to you, dear friend!!

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