Weekend Wrap!

On Sunday I felt tired and decided to perform tasks that were not too difficult. Besides cooking meals, and running to the grocery to pick up some bread for Jack and a few vegetables for us to enjoy, I decided to sit down and wrap presents.

This year I have cherished every package I have wrapped. I have used decorative strings and bows and made each package special. But all that cutting, wrapping and taping takes time. And my wrapping spot seemed like a bomb blew up in there during the toughest part of the job


I have blurred out a few items so the mystery remains until Christmas Day. But honestly, isn’t this a disaster?

It actually doesn’t look like this anymore because all the packages are wrapped and neatly stored in boxes to go to Mandy’s house on Christmas Day.

Today (Monday) I need to call our Veterinarian and bring in Arnie. The darling boy has not been acting like himself at all. He seems not to feel well.

arnie1 copy

He also has two lumps on his chest. Six months ago he had one, and I was told to watch it. Well, now that one is larger and a second lump is in the area. So, this means a visit to our Vet is in order.

I would also like to get the laundry going and actually putter around and get the house in some sort of order. I’ve just been so busy and let things get away from me.

Looking at the stuff above, it looks like I will have a busy Monday. And the travel out to the Vets will be slightly tricky as we are due for some snow. However, I do not want to wait. Arnie’s an old boy now.

Have a great week, everyone, finish your Christmas Shopping, listen to a few Christmas Carols and enjoy the peace and love of the season.


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  1. Sure hope Arnie is going to be okay. It is always sad when our fur-babies start showing their age. You have a busy Monday, dear friend! Take care of you!

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