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Sunday was rainy, cold and slow.  Although a few people stopped by to see Candy, thankfully she had a lot of time to rest.

Everyone at church signed a giant poster for her, which now adorns the wall in her room.

I worked on repacking my big suitcase and while doing so, I realized how many things I brought that I could have left at home. Next time I will pack a third of what I did!

Candy’s sister has the sweetest dog ever. He is a ten year old long haired Chihauha named Peanut! He loves pats and belly rubs and he purrs.

Isn’t he the cutest baby ever? So despite the fact I miss my crew, Peanut has kept me company!

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  1. I don’t think I have ever seen a long-haired chihuahua! Peanut is precious! This cold (for us) and wet weather is miserable! Don’t we always pack too much? Some friends of our went to England with nothing but what they could put in a backpack. She said it was actually easy. Not sure I could do it! I’m the queen of over-packing. Enjoy these next few days with your dear friend. I know Thursday will be hard for you both. Hugs.

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