Thursday’s Random Thoughts

It’s the last day of June. Can you believe it? This is going way too fast! Like many New Englander’s I appreciate our summers so much, mostly because they are so brief and then we are back into the cold, gloomy winter. I wish summer would stick around a bit longer.

It’s two weeks today since I had my operation. I think I’m doing very well. If I could just get the double vision under control I’d be a lot happier, but over all, things are good. :~)

Shubi goes in today for a liver function test. When she had chemotherapy a year ago it started to damage her liver. We’ve noticed a few changes in her lately and felt that a liver function test was a good thing, so we know exactly how well her liver is functioning.

After a few days of frozen pre-cooked meals and leftover’s, I’ll actually have to cook tonight. Not sure what I will pull out of the freezer to turn into a culinary delight. Maybe chicken. Ah yes, “Rubber Chicken Extraordinaire“!!!

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