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I woke up early on Wednesday and decided to go to Weight Watchers. Not because I expected to lose any weight, but because I needed to see my friends. My support system. And get plenty of good, warm, hugs.  It was amazingly wonderful seeing everyone and collecting hugs!

As we went and did a big grocery shopping yesterday Our fridge is full and I am planning a nice normal meal for our dinner. Roasted Porkloin I think, with Broccoli and mashed potatoes for Jack.

A book I ordered (A real paper book!) arrived today and since Wednesday is a crappy night for TV, I plan to sit and read this evening. Quietly, peacefully, until I am ready for bed.

The best news of the day is that Anneliese’s eye is so much better. It is healing nicely, and she no longer seems to be in pain. I think we caught it just in time!

Jack finished chipping the ice from our lower driveway today. This is almost amusing, as tonight we are due for more snowy, icy, sloppy, weather.

I discovered, much to my dismay, that the Shingles Vaccine hurts like a son of a gun! Owch!

And lastly, I am thinking back to my trip with the kids to Disney. Here is a picture of Savannah and me the day she got her Fairy Princess make-over!


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  1. Savannah is SO cute all the time, but dressed up like a princess… adorable!! I am glad to read that Anneliese’s eye is doing so well!! Be careful in that icy, sloppy weather!! Hope you enjoyed you book last night!

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