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Spring begins on the March or vernal equinox, which is when the amount of sunshine is approximately 12 hours long.  The amount of sunlight will incrementally increase until the first day of Summer.
The vernal equinox marks the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator.  This is the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator, from south to north. This happens on March 19, 20 or 21 every year in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, this same event marks the beginning of fall.  Meteorologists actually mark the spring from March 1 through May 31st.
In 2016, spring arrived a little earlier due to it being a leap year.  On Leap Day, there’s a little math lesson regarding the Gregorian calendar.  To keep our calendar following the seasons so that spring happens when flowers grow and winter arrives when snow falls, an additional day was figured into years divisible by the number four. This has caused the 2016 spring to occur earlier than any living human being alive had ever seen. Before 2016, the earliest spring on record took place in 1896.
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Get ready for longer days and increased sunshine. Tune up the lawn mower.  More sunshine means the grass will be growing. Use #SpringBegins to post on social media.
Human beings have been following the sun and creating a calendar based on seasons since the beginning of time.  


1.  The first spring flowers are usually daffodils, dandelions, lilies, tulips, iris. and lilacs. Which one of those choices is your favorite?  Have you seen any yet?

Well, I love Lilacs the best.


But right now we still have well over two feet of snow in our yard. So, it will be a while! Usually, we see flowers in mid to late April.

2.  What is your least favorite thing about spring?

Mud Season! Not only are our roads a mess then, but once beautiful White German Shepherd is brownish and dirty during this time!

3.  Okay, what puts a spring in your step?

My grandchildren. Always!

4.  What is your favorite springtime song?

I have loved this song since I was in High School. I loved John Denver’s voice and this song is all about the wonders of Spring!

5.  What really says spring to you?

No more snow! Warmer temperatures and sunshine!

6.  Tell us something random about your week.

It’s been a quiet week. The highlight is going out for groceries and the fact that we have not had snow in seven days!

9 thoughts on “The Wednesday Medley”

  1. Still 2 feet of snow… oh my! Ours has pretty much melted away! Lilacs are my fave too! Happy Wednesday!!

  2. Still a lot of snow around. Hope your Spring comes soon. The lilacs are pretty, but tulips are my favourites. In Australia the seasons start on the 1st of the month (actually not sure why), so our Autumn/Fall started on the 1st of March, but in Perth at least we’re having very hot weather during the day still, just the evenings get a bit cooler.

  3. Oh the mud! Yes, I am ready for the ground to dry up a little.
    I LOVE John Denver. I do not think I have heard that song. Thanks for sharing! Loved that song. Loved your answers! Have a great first day of Spring!

  4. Gosh, I haven’t heard that John Denver song in years. I always love his voice, too. Thanks for joining the Medley today! Oh, those lilacs!!

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