Easter 2019

Easter Sunday was a nice one. We all gathered at Mandy’s home and I finally got to meet their new puppy, Freya.

She is a rescue puppy, half Lab, half ? but probably something in the retriever family. She is sweet and loving and goes full on, before simply crashing, and falling asleep.


Since I am a seasoned doggy lover, I took Freya out quite a few times for her to do her business. But like all puppies, she did have one small accident while we were there. It is to be expected with puppy potty training.

20190421_140511Soon it was time to set the table and get down to eating the lovingly prepared Easter dinner. My daughter really did a wonderful job preparing the meal.


After dinner, we all sat around talking and sharing memories of Easter pasts. I’m so in awe of my daughter. She made a great meal, sat with us and enjoyed it, and then got it all cleaned up lickity split and never once did she ignore the kids, puppy or her guests. Mandy is quite amazing!

All too soon it was time for us to drive home and feed our own pups. But now before Oma had a chance to hug her little grand-puppy!


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  1. Aww… you had a great Easter celebration and that new grand-pup is adorable! You daughter’s table looks inviting and I know the food was delicious! Happy Easter Monday!

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