Has anyone else been watching the French Open Tennis Tournament?

I have, as I love to watch these magnificent players and their on-court mastery of the game.

What I have not appreciated is NBC-Sports! Now here is the deal. I do subscribe to NBC-Sports on my Satellite package, but for some reason, my Amazon Prime did not give me the option of watching without subscribing through them.

So, in the middle of a tense match between Nishikori and Paire, yesterday, they suddenly cut off the feed after a trial period.

I will need to go back in and try to figure it out, but yesterday I was just steaming mad! Fortunately, night fell on Paris and the game was called and I got up this morning and I am watching it on The Tennis Channel Premier, which I do subscribe to through Amazon.

tennis 1

You see I love tennis. I tried in my youth to learn how to play, but I was depressingly bad, so I gave up. Now, I don’t think it would be good because of all the Titanium in my body holding it together.

But oh, I can watch, and enjoy, and cheer for my favorite players! I look forward to the major tournaments every year!

3 thoughts on “Tennis”

  1. Yeah, I can imagine why you’d be annoyed.

    I learned the basics of how to play tennis when I was a teenager, but I wasn’t good at it. Now I don’t do any competitive sports.

  2. I would have been annoyed too!! I am not a tennis fan, but can relate to your annoyance had it been football or hockey, or Villanova basketball! Glad you could catch the next match on a different channel.

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