Coming Home

The best thing about going away on vacation is coming back home afterward. I’d been planning my trip to the beach for several months, and the day finally arrived and I managed my trip away with very little problems, save for a twisted ankle on the escalator in Atlanta.

My trip was so pleasant and restful and I cannot begin to tell you how much all that downtime did for me.

Eating fresh fish, cauliflower pizzas and watching action movies made the days pass so quickly, until I found myself on a plane, headed home, this morning.

It was a lovely day to fly, and I’d reserved window seats for both flights. I even got in half an hour early, which enabled me to catch the early bus back to New Hampshire!

There is something about flying to Boston Logan Airport. It’s my home airport. I know my way around and feel comfortable there.

And there was another special thing too. The Bus Driver is a great man, who I have ridden with previously.

Then I arrived at home, with my pups. All happy to see me! And of course, I was more than thrilled to see them!

4 thoughts on “Coming Home”

  1. Doesn’t your home always look so much better when you have been away on holiday. I am sure the dogs were so excited to see you.

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