My Life Right Now

After a couple of years, I finally am enrolled in a good physical therapy program to treat my neck and shoulder pain, which is a continuing problem since my spinal surgery. For all this time, I just thought I could cope. You know, the good old stiff upper lip!

However, I gave up earlier this year and asked for help. I went through x-rays, doctors appointments, and today was my Physical Therapy Evaluation. I was twisted and turned and measured and bent and a plan of action have been laid out. I am hopeful for the first time in a very long time.

I go back in one week to begin the treatments and then we will go from there.

Meanwhile, the birds are feasting and my new Bird Book arrived. I am just thrilled with my new hobby!

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3 thoughts on “My Life Right Now”

  1. Your physical treatment sounds good and apt. I was not so interested in birds until we move here to The Highrise. I see so many different birds flying past and some even stop on our balcony at times. At times I would like to put food out for some particular birds, but I know it would bring headaches.

  2. Nothing worse than being in pain, hope your treatment plan works wonders. I like your bird feeder 🙂

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