Orange Coffee

Did you ever have one of those mornings when, despite sleeping well and heavily, you only half wake up?

Such was the case for me this morning. I was still groggy as I got out of bed, and walked to the kitchen and turned on the coffee maker, as I always do. The dogs were in a hurry to get out, so I systematically let each one out as I do each day.

I came in, filled the suet feeders for the birds, and Lili and I went back out to hang them. All was going well.

I came back in, gave the dogs their breakfasts, cleaned up the bird seed mess on the counter, and then, as I listened to the beeps on the coffee maker telling me that the coffee was ready, I went over and pulled out my coffee mug.

I added my Splenda and poured the coffee into my cup. Mmmmm! I went over to the fridge and pulled out my creamer and went back to my mug and started to pour.


Oh, My, God! Orange Juice! Only a few drops went in. But what a screw-up! I had three choices. Drink my coffee with the slight addition of the orange juice, dump the coffee and start again, or add a little cream, with the orange juice, and suck it up and drink it.

Since I have been married to the cheapest Scotsman on Earth for 31 years, I have also become, ah, thrifty! I opted for the last one. Why waste a perfectly good cup of coffee over a little bit of orange juice?


Well, I grimaced and groaned and then took a sip. Oh sheesh, I really should dump it, I thought, but ah well, I can get through one cup!

I did make it, but the residual problem I encountered is not worth it. Somehow the orange taste hasn’t left my mouth despite two more cups of perfectly made coffee.

So, this is how I started my Saturday morning. Walking the dogs, feeding the birds and drinking orange coffee!

3 thoughts on “Orange Coffee”

  1. Most people here drink coffee with milk but I drink black coffee. Often enough a mistake is made when visiting someone and they put milk in my coffee. There was a time when I would say, no matter, and drink it. Not now. Thrift be damned. They can make me black coffee, as I asked for and tip out the coffee with added milk.

  2. I would be willing to give it a try. Might sound strange my son and at time girl friend took me out and they were drinking Orange Beer. Took small sip and found out I liked it.
    Coffee is on

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