Hot Fun In The Summertime

Saturday I decided I needed to get a lot of things done before my trip to see my sister. I needed to cook meals for Jack, do laundry and of course work on packing.

Now mostly it was fine, and I did get things accomplished, but sweet mother of God (!) was it hot!!!

67299691_453962705153511_2161444774203097088_nOur thermometer at our home said it was 100. To me, I felt every degree of heat and oh yes, the humidity too!

Yes, hot fun in the summertime for sure!

The spaghetti sauce came out very well. One of the best I have made in a long time. It’s loaded with onions, peppers, garlic, carrots, sweet Italian sausage, and hamburger. I also went out and picked fresh basil off my basil plant, chopped it up and added that to the pot. A little oregano here, a little salt and pepper there and a large can of diced Italian tomatoes and a jar of plain spaghetti sauce. Then it simmered and simmered to perfection!

I also roasted eggplant and I will be making eggplant pizza on a cauliflower crust for myself. That will be amazing!

I measured out all the dog food and labeled it for their breakfast and dinner. I have also put out their cans of food to make it easier for Jack.

Sunday I’m making Beef Stroganoff for Jack to have while I am gone. All these meals he will simply need to warm up.

I’ll be looking forward to going off for a few days, just so I can get out of the kitchen!

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