Lili To The Rescue

I don’t often write about Lili. She is sort of one of the forgotten ones when it comes to stories from the home.


However, today Lili once again reminded us just why she is so remarkable and fabulous!

After alerting us yesterday to the Fire Department in our driveway due to our neighbor’s yardman having flipped his lawnmower and nearly starting a fire, I knew that Lili was on alert for all problems.

Today at lunchtime, I went out with the three dogs for their noontime walk. No sooner had we gotten outside than I saw Arnie run quickly to the left barking wildly! Lili followed and her stride can only be described as the full paced run of a greyhound on the track!

You see this mutt-dog from next door, who is about Lili’s size was heading straight for Arnie! Not in a friendly way either! Lili chased that dog right out of our yard!

Now Anneliese was barking, and Arnie was barking and Lili was pacing back and forth just daring that dog to come back in her yard! I was screaming at the dog to go home, and also calling my dogs to come here.

Anneliese was on a leash, so she was fine, and the dog did go home, and Lili came right back. Mr. Arnie was marking our lawn so the dog would know that this was his place! Then he also came in!


It’s sort of funny though. Lili is not a dog that strives to stand out. Yet, she is there for so many important moments. And in her way, she is the bravest, the most protective dog we have ever had.

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